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Stand No : 3B-435
Country / Origin: Cyprus
Charalambides Christis Ltd is the largest dairy company in Cyprus producing and exporting Cyprus Halloumi cheese and UHT cream under the well known brand ''Christis'' (among other private labels). Charalambides Christis Ltd employees 17 scientists performing hundreds of quality tests daily to issue the high quality levels that BRC/IFS/ISO and many other certification bodies have recognised and certified.

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Halloumi Cheese
Halloumi cheese is a cypriot semi-hard brined cheese made from a mixture of goat's and sheep's milk or goat's and sheep's milk, eaten raw, fried and grilled.

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UHT Cream
UHT Cream can be used in cooked dishes or can be whipped in sweets.

Show Logo 8 – 11 MAY 2017 | Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
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