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Stand No : 3B-506
Country / Origin: Belgium
Beers of Brasserie du Bocq are produced exclusively from the highest quality products. This is the case for malt (that determines the colour of the beer), hop (that provides bitterness and aroma), yeast (which transforms sugars into alcohol and carbonic acid) and water whose purity is primary and which is drawn from the water table, which extend under the brewery.

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Blanche de Namur
Cloudy, smooth and mellow, Blanche de Namur is a wheat beer of the highest quality. From the first sip, you feel all its roundness and delicacy : an exceptional beer.

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Saison 1858
Unfiltered blonde ale with a touch of wheat and a strong bitterness. Brewed the good old way. The only Saison beer produced in the region of Namur!

Show Logo 8 – 11 MAY 2017 | Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
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